Communications Theories

Just back from Montrreal after a long plane ride….!

At the AERA conference there was considerable reference to educational theory in the various paper presentations and discussions. This can all be a bit overwhelming for a newbie to the field, so i was interested to come across a site from the University of Twente

Titled Communication Theories , the site is a treasure trove of succinct descriptions of a range of communications theories intended for students of the university to refer to in the preparation of their assignmnets. The theories are usefully listed in a variety of ways which makes finding the theory you’re after really easy.

I liked the way the theories were categorised into micro, meso and macro level theories – providing a better picture of the usefulness of these theoretical understandings in an applied context. I also like the way in which the programmes offered by this department of the University have made explicit the way in which these theories have been used the various courses.

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