From my friend Kerrie who keeps me abreast of developments in the world of Web-based video technologies:
Popcast implements “Open Access Internet TV”, that is, broadcast quality video delivered to anyone’s broadband Internet PC. Popcast’s easy-to-use tools enable any filmmaker, video freelancer or DV hobbyist to deploy a “channel”, a sequence of video segments and shows per the channel producer’s specifications and updates. Any Popcast channel can be received by boundless Internet channel viewers by means of a one-click channel subscription, activating Popcast’s underlying video delivery network derived from BitTorrent swarming technology.

Popcast’s goal is to drastically reduce costs and expand potential audiences for producers of the TV experience. We believe in narrowcast, that is, hundreds of thousands of channels each uniquely servicing hundreds or thousands of viewers, a TV experience parallel to the Web

Whether you’re an independent filmmaker, video producer or a DV hobbyist, Popcast provides the easiest tools to create and broadcast your own Internet TV station.”

Kerrie adds – “Perhaps create an educational channel, what about a click online style show thats short, sharp and juicy!!”

I signed up today for the beta test – will be interesting to see what eventuates here!

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