Beginning our US/Canada trip

After a harrowing trip involving five legs by plane Vince and I arrived in Ashland, Southern Oregon on Sunday evening (US time). We spent yesterday (Monday) working with the Education faculty at the University of Southern Oregon (SOU), sharing with them a number of the projects that we are involved with and exploring ideas for some collaborative research. A team from SOU are coming to NZ later this year, so we hope to be able to use that opportunity to follow up on this.

While in Ashland we are being hosted by Geoff and Donna Mills. Geoff is the Dean of Education at SOU, and a good friend. Geoff is an authority in Action Research, and contributed last year to our T4T4T project.

The photograph below shows Vince enjoying a relaxing spa on the deck of Geoff and Donna’s home after a hard day’s work at the university!

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