Dealing with a legacy school system

I came across a post titled Dealing with a legacy school system by Kathy Sierra on the Passionate Blog which appealed to my interest in this topic.

Subtitled “Someone forgot to tell schools it’s the 21st Century”, the article references Gates’ recent speech that (I blogged about a few weeks ago), and works by Senge, Shank and Perelman – the latter from a book he published over ten years ago and is now a bit of a classic on the subject.

The author’s main concern is around how the tradional way schools continue to be organised “…violates pretty much everything we know about how learning actually happens.” She argues (with Perelman) that we need a revoultion not evolution The article also points out that the very things that schools are being criticised for are adopted widely within business as well.

It’s always easy to poke holes in what’s happening, and look at what’s not working – this article pretty well lays out the problems, but also begins to create a framework for the way forward. To me the interesting thing was to read through the comments that have been posted by others, which tend to reveal the range of opinions that exist!

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