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Have had a chance to play with JOT since I wrote yesterday – am very impressed. The range of applications that you can install as part of the package particularly impresses me.
I’ve set up my own wiki which you cann access at . I’ve set it up for guest access and for guests to be able to add pages.
I’ve also added a sample poll and RSS aggregator which you can access from the links in the right hand menu.

5 thoughts on “more on JOT

  1. This is looking like the hot contender for replacing my school’s intranet. I only heard about it a few days ago, on Alan Levine’s blog I think, but the news seems to spreading very fast. I was slightly worried that there was going to be an enforced login for all visitors but now I can see you’ve overcome that already. What I’ve discovered is that I can take my exsting intranet pages, including links, tables etc and just paste it straight into a jotspot page – not as HTML code, but straight through the WYSIWYG interface, ready for teachers or students to update themselves.
    Ready for take-off.

  2. Steve
    The reason you couldn’t edit the page you authored is that I hadn’t turned on edit in the permissions. I’ve done that now if you want to go back and try.

  3. Jot looks to me a lot like the python powered Wiki MoinMoin – – with Rich Text editing hacked in. I’m currently running a local, standalone version of MoinMoin on my laptop and it’s the most useful tool i’ve installed for ages. I’ve evaluated a few Wikis lately and for me MoinMoin has the most features and is the most user friendly interface. If you want a play around with MoinMoin I have one installed here:


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