After Podcasting… ANT!

It had to happen!
In Melbourne I got talking with some very wired up young programmers who were sharing with me some of their thoughts and ideas (and experiences) with Podcasting, so I’ve come home determined to put some time into doing something about it.
No sooner have I decided to do this, (thinking that I’m finally getting to grips with where the technology is at) than the new new thing turns up on my email – called ANT
ANT is an RSS video aggregator and media player currently available for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther – essentially, it is a Podcasting tool for video!
Will be interesting to see what develops in this space!
(see also Adrian Miles’ weblog)

One thought on “After Podcasting… ANT!

  1. Good link Derek – ipodder for audio works like a dream, so ANT will be welcome software for aggregating video. Video Logs/Vlogs appear even more exciting to me than just text or just audio, and of course there are a lot of reasons to go to multimedia for impact and entertainment. But then there is the bandwidth issue and cost, and of course bad video is easy to do. Great for news and music, but for education how do you think things might develop for audio and video blogs? Can’t imagine tki mandated video logs as general resource 🙂

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