Mobile Blogging!!!

I just couldn’t resist! My blog is now available on your mobile phone!! Simply fire up your mobile device and point it to Click on ‘blog’ and you’ll be able to read the RSS feed of the recent entries on my blog. (Also had a link to a useful RSS validator which you’ll notice is now added to the right hand menu of my blog!)
This all comes courtesy of Winksite (short for ‘wireless ink”), where I was reading an article on the introduction of WinkBooks, or Mobile Books . The blog provides some urls to connect you to existing examples of books that you can access on your mobile device, and while taking a browse, I also found instructions on how to creat a mobile edition of your blog. The instructions are very easy to follow – and the results instant!

One thought on “Mobile Blogging!!!

  1. Nice one Derek, I didn’t get to chat to you about this at the seminar last week. I’m VERY interested in this and want to pursue blogs/wiki’s with my class next year. I am trialling a number of free systems at the moment but am finding that I can’t decide which one to start using… can you help me???

    Rob 😉

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