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Ever wondered what the components of an eLearning Framework might be?? Having been involved in this sort of discussion in a number of contexts over the past few years, I was fascinated today to come across the eLearning Framework Site, an initiative by JISC, DEST, Carnegie Mellon Learning Services Architecture Lab and others to build a common approach to Service Oriented Architectures for education.
There’s a nice ‘clickable’ menu of components on the main page – although many of the links take you to blank pages at the moment.
According to Stephen Downes, This represents pretty much the consensus picture being presented at various conferences over the (Northern Hemisphere) summer. The E-Learning Framework web site provides a clear list of the major architectural components of what Dan Rehak calls ‘next generation’ e-learning. There are three major layers of services depicted: user agents, domain services, and common services.
Seems like a useful overview to be socialised among key players in the New Zealand eLearning scene (eg. TEC, MoE, Telecom, eGovt. etc)

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  1. Although refered to as ‘next generation’ it seems to be a fairly ‘traditional’ list of components for online course delivery, but broken down into smaller bits. It makes mention of forum and chat, but no mention of blogs or wikis, or anything about online community building components.

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