eLearning developments

A couple of links here to interesting developments in eLearning software:

  1. Blinkx – hailed as a possible successor to Google – or at least will give Google a run for its money!. Provides a full search of your personal files and the web in one sweep. Numerous other features that you can read about on the web site at http://www.blinkx.com/overview.php
  2. Wordcircle Open source online learning community software (in PHP). Pretty basic
    functionality, allowing instructors to add thoughts, calendar items,
    discussions and files. That said, the foundation seems firm and the code
    could easily be expanded to do more. Code is available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/wordcircle/

One thought on “eLearning developments

  1. Hi
    I have just downloaded the Blinkx, seems like a very powerful tool. Highly recommended in this world of overflowing information
    Thanks for the link Derek

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