eagenda – Michael Humke ?? Hewlett Packard

Learning in a digital world
Began with a reflection on the movie ??Shrek??, and how far we??ve come with the area of visualization. Main focus of his address was in how we might work towards creating the classroom of tomorrow, empahsising HPs commitment to providing solutions that are:
– high tech
– low cost
– provide the best customer experience

From Michael??s talk??
Market challenges
– shrinking budgets
– security
– addressing new learning stuyles and needs
– supporting anew market every year
o 24/7
o huge appetite for data
– transforming teaching
Education shifts
– all processes and content will be transformed from physical to digital, mobile and virtual
– the demand for simplicity, manageability
ASK ?? how much has the classroom changed in the last 100 years? HP engaged in project to look at how to do this.
Areas to focus on..
– gaming/simulation
– wireless ?? collaboration, mobile
– web ?? access
– video ?? visualization and narrative
Kids today want to be connected?? in a digital world!
Students are driving this change ?? and are becoming less tolerant of anything that doesn??t meet these expectation
Where will the technology go in order to meet these demands?
– high tech
– low cost
– best customer experience
What will tomorrow??s classroom look like, and how will we prepare for it?
– kids already coming into classrooms digitally literate
– need to focus on faculty/staff (this will be HPs focus)

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  1. What is Michael Humke’s email address, i like to ask him about scholarships available by HP.


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