Conference diary blog!

A colleague of mine at The Correspondence School recently asked if I could help him set up a blog before he travelled overseas to attend a series of conferences. Ricky Utting is the manager of Media Services at the school, and wanted to provide immediate feedback to his team back at the school during the time he was away, to begin the discussions about key ideas and issues then rather than wait for the traditional “brain dump” when he returns.
Ricky is doing a really great job at using his blog for this purpose – and his team appear to be taking a real interest in what he has to say – take a look at Ricky’s Blog here.

One thought on “Conference diary blog!

  1. Thanks for Ricky’s link, Derek. Although his focus was on topics relating to media productions, it was still interesting to read some of his postings.

    One of the highlights of last week when we were in Christchurch last week was seeing your children’s blogs, especially Jack’s.

    It tied in with an article I read in “Leading and Learning with Technology” (March, 2004) but unfortunately I did not photocopy it. It was on children his age (7) and a bit older who were blogging as part of their daily writing. This has enormous potential as long as there is no bullying, etc. Thanks!

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