Knowledge management

This area is really gaining traction – here’s a bunch of links to online journals on the topic. Some require subscription – but it’s impressive just ot see what is available:

Knowledge-based systems (Elsevier Science)
International journal of Human-computer studies (Elsevier Science)
International journal of information management (Elsevier Science)
Journal of Intellectual Capital (Emerald)
Journal of Knowledge Management(Emerald)
Knowledge management research and practice (Palgrave Macmilan)
Knowledge and information systems (Springer-Verlag)
Data mining and knowledge discovery (Kluwer online)
Journal of information and knowledge management (JIKM)

One thought on “Knowledge management

  1. Knowledge management carried by a network of people is an emerging fascinating issue.
    Nardi’s article was the first to make me stop and think about the shift in our perception of the meaning of resources, the hierarchies of knowledge sources and appreciation of knowledge authorities.
    Here is Nardi’s article URL


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