The Brains Trust

Have just come in from meeting with a group of gentlemen here in Wellington affectionately known as “The Brains Trust” – a small group of people involved in the IT industry who began meeting together when they worked together on the Y2K project. Really interesting discussion around the topic of eLearning, during which I shared my eLearning animation to illustrate the relationship between the resource and discourse elements of the eLearning experience.
Seems that there is still a lot of discussion to be had about the role of teachers in the emerging eLearning paradigm, particularly if you subscribe (like me) to the idea that eLearning is not about the delivery (transmission) of knowledge (aka information) across the internet pipeline.

2 thoughts on “The Brains Trust

  1. Yeah, good thinking there pardner – we’re with you all the way on this! Yeehaa! 🙂

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