This paper provides an analysis of the responses received through submissions to an online survey posted on the FutureMakers website in early 2023. An initial attempt to design a survey featuring questions with multi-choice responses was abandoned in preference of a simple survey asking two open ended questions about change in education:

  1. What’s driving change? – list or describe the things you can think of that are currently driving change in education? Be specific, think of things in your own context that are impacting the way you and your organisation are working.
  2. What are the roadblocks? – list or describe the things you consider are roadblocks to change – e.g. the things that inhibit or slow change down, the things that make change difficult, that cause change efforts to deviate or stop altogether.

The dataset reveals a comprehensive list of perceived drivers and roadblocks in the New Zealand education system, indicating complex and interconnected issues. The most prevalent challenges include initiative overload leading to fatigue and lack of follow-through, inadequate resources in terms of staffing and funding, resistance to change driven by a focus on tradition, and difficulties related to leadership, such as vision deficits and poor communication.

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