Resolutions for 2014

As I've been preparing for my work with schools in 2014 I've been thinking more about the need to be 'transformative' in our thinking and to be looking at doing 'new things in new ways' in order to achieve the sorts of change in our system and practice that is necessary.

After keynotes I give on this, or when facilitating professional development sessions, I'm often asked "So when can I start? What can I do to keep on with my professional learning after this session has finished?"  Well, in the digital world there are plenty of opportunities to engage in professional learning activity that will inspire, inform and support you in developing these new skills and knowledge. 

The start of a new year is when resolutions are made to do something new or to commit to a course of action – so in thinking about that, I've put together a few ideas that might be helpful in providing a practical starting point for embarking on your own professional learning journey in 2014. You might choose just one and pursue it deeply, or consider a combination. Each of these suggestions has the potential to link you to a rich source of information and connections with others – I'd love to hear how you get on, or if  you have other ideas and suggestions, share them in the reply field of this post. 


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