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kindle_eLearningsWahoo! After much experimentation, our book,'eLearnings: Implementing a national strategy for ICT in education' is now available online through Amazon for the Kindle.

Few countries in the world have embarked on such an ambitious approach to a national ICT strategy for schools as New Zealand. This book archives the impact and implementation of the national ICT strategy in New Zealand, 1998-2010, from the perspectives of the people who effected that implementation. It is a story of both policy initiative from the ‘top down’ and local innovation ‘from the bottom up’, as seen through the eyes of those involved.

There are stories here from the perspectives of the politicians and policy makers involved, through to the facilitators who worked with schools and the teachers in classrooms who made exciting things happen with children. For those who've walked the journey through these years you'll find lots of familiar names and events, and for those who are interested in understanding more about how the NZ education system has evolved in its implementation of ICTs to support learning, this book provides a range of insights that will save you hours of interviews. 

As the NZ education sector contemplates what learning will be like in the 21st century and the importance of digital literacy, considers the purpose and potential of a national managed network, and explores bold new options for organising schooling based on the rebuilding of schools in Christchurch, this book provides a useful historical perspective on what works (and what doesn't) when implementing such future-focused programme of change. Importantly, this book illustrates just what can be accomplished when the emphasis is put on people, harnessing their potential and involving them in all aspects of the change management process. It provides insights about leadership, change management and collective decision making. A good read for a winter weekend!

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