Managing your online reputation

We often hear complaints about what students say and do online, but we often neglect to look into educators helping them manage their online reputation. With the rise of use of social media among teachers, both personally and professionally, there is a growing need for educators to be engaging in thinking about the implications for our online reputation in terms of what we post, how we post, and in what forums we post etc.

This info-graphic on Lisa Nielson's blog provides a useful summary of key points for consideration that could be used as the focal point of a staff discussion, or modified to use with students as well. 

This info-graphic could be used effectively to stimulate discussion to support what is presented in the recently released social media guidelines for teachers by the NZ Teachers Council.

As the year draws to a close and planning is underway for 2013, I'd be encouraging all school leaders to be planning to incorporate some discussions around this topic in staff meetings and PD events. 

4 thoughts on “Managing your online reputation

  1. Very useful, though provoking resource that one thanks Derek.  I note it advises having a strong, positive presence online which I would agree with, but perhaps having a constructive presence is worth highlighting as well.  We shouldn't be afraid to challenge each other online, as long as it is done in a constructive manner.  

  2. Hi Derek. It is good to see someone promoting interest in what is such a crucial topic for educators and their students. If you are interested in more infographics that address topics around online reputation, please visit our site here:
    Also, if you want to test out the free version of NetClarify's tool, which is made to help review and clarify reputation, I'd love to hear some feedback from an educator's perspective. Thanks!

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