Coming to ICOT??

On the final day of the ICOT conference in Belfast in 2011 I had the privilege of accepting the offer and inviting all those gathered to reconvene in New Zealand from 21-25 January 2013. I'd now invite you to join me at the International Conference on Thinking in Wellington where I will be among those who are speaking!

This is an opportunity to hear from cutting edge thinkers, researchers and practitioners who are drawn from such fields as education, health sciences, the arts, sciences, sports, government and business.

The Conference themes of 'Future survival', 'Future society' and 'Personal futures' impact on everyone, from all disciplines.

Over the five days of the conference you can participate in full day master classes run by invited speakers. Listen to the world leading keynote and featured presenters and participate in a stimulating programme of over 250 presentations and workshops. Combine this with a magical 'tour' programme, artistic performances, two receptions, a conference gala dinner, and you are sure to have an unforgettable experience. In the lead up to the conference you can keep up with news and related items on the conference blog.

ICOT2013 is being organised by CORE Education, and supported by Massey University of New Zealand

Check out the conference here

One thought on “Coming to ICOT??

  1. Hi Derek,
    Looking forward to it already.  I am still chunking my learning from Ulearn – trying to maximise opportunities for change to transform learning for my learners.  Really excited to start the new year with the buzz of ICOT!

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