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I've just been engaged in a workshop with a group of teachers considering the issue of globalisation and the concept of global citizenship. Such issues are a significant focus of the The New Zealand Curriculum which has Future Focus as one of the 8 principles. Globalisation and citizenship are two of the four issues that this principle focuses on.

Future focus is about supporting learners to recognise that they have a stake in the future, and a role and responsibility as citizens to take action to help shape that future.’ (NZC page 9).

In a recent evaluation report looking at the extent to which the principles of The New Zealand Curriculum are evident in schools' curricula and enacted in classrooms ERO concludes:

"This (future focus) was the least evident of all the principles at school curriculum level in classrooms’ curricula. It had not been adequately examined and discussed with teachers by school leaders and therefore most of its aspects were not understood. There continues to be some confusion amongst teachers about the relationship between future focus and 21st century, or e-learning, and lifelong learning.

Rather than using the principles as a starting point for curriculum design, they have often been something that has been grafted on to the curriculum retrospectively, if they have been considered at all. In secondary schools, the approach continues to be learning area specific, with many of the principles having little impact across the curriculum.” ERO report 2012

In terms of the imperatives we are facing of preparing our young people for a future that is uncertain, and one that is increasingly globalised, we, as educators have a huge responsibility for ensuring our programmes are designed to prepare students for their future, not our past. Not as easy as it sounds – an obstacle being a lack of awareness and information about what the nature and impact of globalisation is or may  be.

Online universities have just published a post titled 14 Best Books About Global Education which profiles fourteen titles that are worth adding to your reading list. I'm familiar with only four of them, so looks like I'll have some more to explore! Would love to hear from others who have read any of these and who can recommend them.



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