Mix and Mash

A big thank  you to the National LIbrary for publishing this guide providing information, activities and ideas to confidently create a remix from material you know you have the rights to reuse.

The guide shows students why copyright and licensing exist, how they work, and how they can apply licences to their own work through simple information, suggestions for activities, and links to more resources. By using it, you and your students will be able to participate in the global remix community while demonstrating creativity and integrity.

These are all important skills and understandings for students to learn about – and this guide provides useful information for teachers with strategies and ideas for how to do this. 

The Free to Mix guide was written to support the Mix and Mash competition in 2011, and it has now been updated with new content specific to the 2012 competition, focusing on categories teachers are most likely to be interested in – digital storytelling, photo remix and infographics.

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