Pedagogically Driven..#2

I presented the model shown in the slideshow above to a group of teachers representing most of the secondary schools in Christchurch yesterday. The event was held by the GCSN, focusing on our strategic planning for the year as we look at the possibilities of working together in a fibre-enabled network, with video conferencing facilities now available in each of their schools. 

The concept of how we make pedagogically driven decisions about technology investment is a question I encounter regularly in the work I do – and I shared this framework in a blog post last year after it had been developed in conjunction with schools I've worked with. That post provides an explanation of the framework which I won't repeat here. 

The slides towards the end of the show above have lines connecting the various parts of the diagram, which, working from the top, reflect how you can use the framework to represent, in a simple way, how you can arrive at a technology investment decision based on a pedagogical need. 

For example, the need to enable students to access information as a part of an inquiry programme when and where they need to links LEARN with UBIQUITY, which in turn links to MOBILE DEVICES as distinct from desktops as this allows access to the information at their desks or wherever the inquiry is being carried out – which in turn requires WIRELESS connectivity to ensure these devices can connect to the WWW without requiring wires etc. 

And so similar 'stories' can be mapped onto the framework – it's value is in providing a map for articulating such stories in order to clarify and justify technology investment decisions. 

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