Online resources for teachers

I attended the CORE Breakfast in Christchurch yesterday morning, and thoroughly enjoyed the presentation by Helen Cooper from the Ministry of Education and Simon Evans of CORE about two exciting sites.

While these sites have been around for a little while now, this was my first real tour of each of them, and I was impressed with how far they have come – and what the vision is for their future development! I was particularly impressed with the ‘learning journey’ feature of the Digitstore site, providing teachers with the ability to develop collections of resources that can then be made available to students.

Digistore is a repository for digital content that enables teachers to better select digital content to support their students. Resources are available from early childhood level through to senior secondary school level and include a vast range of digital resources including film clips, audio clips and documents. The site also features learning objectives, which are interactive items based around a learning skill or concept, covering a range of subjects, including Maths, Science and Languages.

Software for Learning is a catalogue of software, which informs and encourages teachers to use the software in the classroom. Each software features information about how to use the product in the classroom, as well as galleries, tutorials, and snapshots of how teachers are currently using it in New Zealand.

Simon and Helen used Livebinders for their presentation that can be found here.

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