Another MoE job opportunity

Fibre opticsI’ve had several emails today alerting me to a re-advertised position with the New Zealand Ministry of Education – for a Programme Manager – Broadband in Schools. This position was advertised at the end of last year but failed to attract any suitable applicants, so is being re-advertised.

Because of the importance of this initiative I have decided to use my blog as a vehicle for getting the word out there – please feel free to share this information. I am reliably informed that the MoE are also in the process of putting together a role of National Education Network Manager, which also sits within the Broadband in Schools initiative. More on this when I hear of the details.

As someone who is involved with the developments that are occurring in the city where I live, and also with the network of people implementing similar networks around the country, it is pleasing to see progress being made with these appointments. Also pleasing to see the position being advertised at a time of year that is likely to be read by a wider audience. Hopefully, with such appointments in place, we will begin to see progress on a process for distributing the monies that have been allocated and promised for supporting schools in paying for the ‘drop cost’ associated with bringing the fibre from the school gate to the server.

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  1. didnt know they had any jobs going that wasnt about reading, writing or maths. im glad they readvertised, it was silly to think it would have happened in january

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