The future’s not what it used to be


I’ve been asked at the last minute to step in and present a keynote address at the ULearn conference after the Thursday keynote speaker was unable to be at the conference.

It’s been a long two days – and nights, but I’ve had a lot of fun putting together a presentation about the future of education, focusing on the role of emerging technologies as identified in the Australia-NZ version of the Horizon report, and the developments around the advanced network in NZ (thought it would be good to do this as a follow up from the Minister’s address from yesterday.)

With the help of my colleague, Paul Rodley, I’ve put my presentation together using CoolIris, following the instructions posted a few months back by Alan Devine. Here’s hoping it all goes well 🙂

I’m also bringing in a number of people via video conference, courtesy of the kind people at asnet technologies who are making their HD bridge and VC gear at the conference available for me to use.

Here’s the link to my CoolIris presentation (NB – you must have cooliris intstalled)

7 thoughts on “The future’s not what it used to be

  1. He mihi nui ki a koe Derek mo tenei taonga.
    Warm Congratulations, your presentation was a treasure.
    Katarina Reedy – Lytton High School, Gisborne

  2. Great presentation Derek. I really admire the way you can stand up in front of 2000 people and give a “high risk” presentation with that much value. The video conference was especially interesting – walking your talk regarding connectivity really shows the merit you can and do provide to us as teachers and educators. Thank you.

  3. Brilliant Derek. Great to see modelling of what we do. Involving others via the video conference was a stroke of genius. Highlight of the conference itself. THANK YOU.

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