Location based experience

I had an interesting stop on my drive back from Hastings, stopping in to visit Dave Smith in Waipukurau. I’d not met Dave before, but had conversed several times via skype, sharing a common interest and enthusiasm for the use of ICT in education, in particular, the ways in which location-based technologies might be adopted in (and out of) classrooms. Dave is doing some pretty exciting stuff in this area – but he needs to be the one that shares what it is when the time is right 🙂

The photo is of Dave and I standing in front of his latest project, a restored London double decker bus (that’s Dave in the conductor’s hat and coat!).  The bus was a birthday gift he tells me – bought on TradeMe, and something he has great designs on using in conjunction with his current ICT developments.

Interesting to ponder the significance of location. Prior to actually meeting up with Dave I’d known him virtually – independent of his location and based on the common interests we share. Our meeting in person has added a different dimension to that relationship – good to know that some things don’t change 🙂

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