Understanding Cloud Computing

Sun cloud computingFor those interested in following the Cloud computing discussions, here’s a publication just released from Sun Microsystems that explains what cloud computing is all about.

This guide to cloud computing is a short, 25 page read, that…

  • Defines cloud computing and its benefits
  • Explains the different types of clouds (public, private, and hybrid)
  • Describes the architectural service layers (e.g., Software as a Service)
  • Details the underlying virtualization technologies
  • Suggests next steps and actions to get started

Although it is pitched primarily for the business market, and is unashamedly a part of Sun’s marketing approach in this area, there is lots of useful information here for the newcomer to the concept of the cloud – although you’ll still need to have a reasonable grasp of basic networking jargon to fully understand it 🙂

Free PDF download available here(login required)

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