Moon landing remembered

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing! For those who missed it the first time you have the opportunity to follow those final moments on a great site called (see my blog post of July 14).The image to the left is of the widget that I downloaded from the site and have playing in the background on my laptop to keep me up to date with the things that are happening.

This morning I dug out the scrapbook that I’d kept when I was at school, containing all the newspaper clippings from this historic event and shared them with my kids – a great way of capturing their interest and developing perspectives on history.

Unlike the day I remember sitting in the school assembly hall listening to this happening in real time over a single speaker radion sitting on the hall stage, today’s students can view things in real time, interact with them and through the captured videos, images and sound recordings, relive this historic moment!.

Aside from this website there are dozens of useful resources on the web to explore – including the footage of the actual moon landing that we had to wait for days to see on our grainy black and white television sets – as below 🙂

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