Using Voicethread in the Classroom

I’ve become increasingly fascinated in recent months by what you can do with Voicethread, and the opportunities it provides for a more dynamic and mulit-modal form of online discussion or participatory community. If you  haven’t had a look at what you can do with this application then I’d certainly encourage you to do so.

I had my first serious look at Voicethread last year when one of the teachers on the online course I ran for the University of Canterbury chose to use Voicethread as the means of engaging her class in an online exchange with a class in another country. The teacher was a self-confessed novice in terms of online education, and had limited experience with online tools – and none at all with Voicethread. to my complete joy her project was an outstanding success, and her use of voicethread captured for me the essence of what good online education can be about – with students ‘owning’ so much of what was going on, both in terms of their participation and the ways in which they were directing and initiating learning.

So it was with interest that I browsed the latest resource posted by Tom Barrett who has assembled a slideshow of 14 interesting ways to use Voicethread in the classroom from ideas contrubuted by classroom teachers. There are some creative ideas here, and some links to great examples if you’re still wondering what Voicethread is all about 🙂

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