School has OSS success!

Very pleasing to see the latest Education Gazette featuring a story about Albany Senior High School and the success of their decision to run all of their school’s computers on open source software. I had the privilege of being involved with the school during its establishment phase and know just how much of a challenge it presented to principal Barbara Cavanagh and her senior team, including Mark Osborne, DP in charge of ICT and the person who has driven this process. The challenges weren’t just the technical ones. Some of the biggest challenges came through the change that the use of open source software brought to the established patterns of use, and to the existing beliefs and attitudes of staff and community members. I applaud what ASHS has done, as it represents a decision based on a highly participatory process of developing a school vision that is truly aspirational, including an approach that is truly learner-centric and sustainable. Well done ASHS team!

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