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In an earlier post I referred to a NYT article about the development of new gadgets, with screens roughly the size of a standard sheet of paper, that could present much of the editorial and advertising content of traditional periodicals in generally the same format as they appear in print.

Today I read about Amazon’s announcement that they’re launching their KindleDX (for deluxe), which has a screen two and a half times the size of those on the two older versions of the Kindle, which were aimed primarily at displaying book pages. (Seems the idea is now a reality, although not without a few teething problems – seems today’s launch had a glitch with the KindleDX website not being ready for viewing. Ooops!)

Also in my email inbox was a notification from Bill St Arnaud’s blog of a post in which he outlines the potential for devices such as the Kindle can help reduce CO2 at universities(and elsewhere). He concludes, “One Kindle can hold hundreds, if not thousands of textbooks and other documents – so the offset value of a single Kindle can be worth thousands of dollars!”

Certainly seems to be more than just novelty value driving the development of these devices! I’d see this area of development as something that education could benefit significantly from – so keep watching this space 🙂

4 thoughts on “KindleDX launched

  1. So iPod Touch but big enough for old eyes to read? But yet another device that needs good wireless access. We really are going to have to get our access sorted in New Zealand aren’t we – without mentioning the third world!

  2. Dean Carroll just sent me this link about Kindle and the textbook market in the States . It makes some interesting points
    Personally for me the Kindle would have to be amazingly better than my laptop and PDA. I already download e-books for ereader – it’s a great way of taking multiple books away for the weekend or longer, that assumes I have a power supply! Not only that but on my laptop it’s hands free so I can even knit or do something else with my hands while I am reading. The only issue that has struck recently has been the introduction of geographical distribution rights. Often new releases aren’t available because my credit card has a NZ address. Before the dollar dropped I could download 3 – 4 full length novels for the price of a single NZ paperback – however there has been discussion that they should be even cheaper.

  3. PS BTW Dorothy – parts of the developing world are better off than NZ – you can get 10GB speeds in the heart of the Laotian jungle 🙂

  4. Kindle DX Review – Top 5 Features

    The 5 best features of the DX, in my opinion, are –

    1. Large, Readable eInk Screen – The 9.7″ Kindle DX Screen is great for reading textbooks and newspapers. The eInk screen is easy on the eyes. Kindle DX’s Screen has 2.5 times the surface area of 6″ eReaders (Kindle 2, Sony Reader).
    2. PDF Support – The first Kindle with official Adobe PDF support. Transfer your PDF documents via WhisperNet, synchronize between your Kindle DX and your iPhone/iTouch. Amazon has licensed Adobe technology and reflows PDFs – However, panning, zooming and scrolling are not supported.
    3. Free Wireless Internet – Theres’ a browser and free Internet Access so you can use it for reference.
    4. Cheap Textbooks Delivered Wirelessly in 60 seconds – There’ll be good prices (Amazon Kindle Editions of books usually are $9.99 instead of $24.99). Amazon is claiming 60% of textbooks will be covered initially.
    5. Convenience – Carry as many texbooks as you like. Buy books and textbooks instantly, anytime. Changeable font sizes, changeable words per line, and more.

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