At the finish line – sort of!

granny retires A proud moment in the Wenmoth household this week as my mum “retired” after 20 years of volunteer work in schools throughout the Canterbury region, introducing students to the skills of athletics.

I visited her in the weekend soon after she’d attended her farewell, and she was still recounting stories of schools she’d worked in, students she’d coached and friends she’d made through this work – somehow I don’t see it all ending quite as suddenly as she imagines 🙂 As I reflect on her involvement, I’m reminded of a number of key principles here that are worth recording in terms of how we can build an effective education system:

  1. passion and enthusiasm is infectious.
  2. volunteers are a valuable resource and we need to look after them.
  3. age needn’t be a barrier when it comes to working with kids.
  4. improvisation is a key competency of a good teacher.
  5. we achieve a lot more when the glass is half full!

Well done mum – and enjoy your bowls now 🙂

4 thoughts on “At the finish line – sort of!

  1. Life is not a race to be first finished. An enjoyment and appreciation of living each day gives such rich memories to look back on. I am sure she appreciates all the lives she has touched over those many years.

    We need to acknowledge more the input of all the volunteers in all sorts of activities- particularly in schools where we tend to dry everything on the cheap.

  2. Awesome post Derek – the schools she worked in were so lucky to have her. Retired vounteers are SUCH an asset to a school. If she starts to get bored tell her that we would be good to her at PES 🙂

  3. Derek, I had the privilege of meeting your Mum & Dad whilst visiting Christchurch. We had a chat about the Wenmoth Family Tree. Her energy & enthusiasm came across to me when I remarked that I did not have a copy of your branch. Eight O’clock next morning she came around to see me with a complete family tree which she had printed and fixed together with notes as we say in Kernow “a proper job”. Please give her my congratulations.

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