School of the Future Summit

I’ve just enjoyed the first two days of the Microsoft School of the Future Summit in Seattle – and must confess it has exceeded my expectations in all regards. The quality of the speakers has been outstanding, with a real emphasis on developing shared understandings about the social, political, and economic contexts for innovation and change in our education systems across the world.

I’ve been recording my thoughts and commentary on the sessions I attended in a blog created for the NZ contingent. Here’s a list (so far) of some of the speakers and links to some thoughts from their sessions:

Michael Horn – How disruptive innovation will change the way the world learns

Senator Patty Murray – a plea for urgent action to bring change in our education system

Martin Bean – What technology makes possible pt.1

Anthony Solcito – What technology makes possible pt.2

(We’ll be adding the rest over the next few days)

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