Made it to Seattle!

seattlesheratonAfter an arduous 16 hour journey involving three flights I’ve made it to Seattle, settling in at our hotel where the Microsoft School of the Future Conference is to be held.

I travelled with my CORE colleague, Marg McLeod, and Nils Beehre, NZ’s Microsoft in Education manager. Apart from Marg’s bag not arriving in Seattle with us (it’s since been located and delivered to the hotel) the trip went smoothly.

Once checked into the hotel I couldn’t help but play with one of the two Microsoft multi-touch tables that are available to use in the foyer – a great way to locate where you are in the city using the mapping software, or to browse highlights of the city by flipping through the photo album. With the two-touch technology these are easily enlarged and/or rotated to give the perspective or view you want.

I’m sure there’ll be lots more to see and play with at this conference once it is underway!

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