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The transfer of my entire blog from Movable Type to WordPress is complete, and here I am blogging again! Thought the best way of getting back into it would be to list some of the cool tools and applications that I’ve been exploring and playing with during my absence…

Project View – Mobile story telling – Using simple and available technology (such as camera phones or webcams in community computer centers) to create and express individual points of view in story form

GoAnimate – Free site for creating simple animations

Scratch for Second Life – it is what is says – integrate the characters created in Scratch into Second Life

Qrowd – Another PLE option based on RSS feeds from all your favourite sites and create your personal mash-up of the web!

Tag Galaxy – (I wasted hours on this one!) – great application for searching photos on a theme from flickr and viewing them on a sphere!

So – feels good to have my blog back. Now to ponder some more thoughtful posts 🙂

2 thoughts on “Back blogging again

  1. Hi
    Like the new look of your blog. Thanks for sharing the tools you have been playing with. I picked up your tip from twitter about Tag Galaxy – and then wasted hours myself. I wonder how many years in wasted hours have been accumulating around the galaxy 🙂 I made a video of one tag and posted it, along with my musings, on my blog… . I have also been looking at goanimate and its potential for students raised in the ‘School-of-ClipArt’ mentality and have some teachers in a couple of schools working on digital story telling projects with it now.

  2. Great to see someone else exploring the use of mobile technology for story telling (Project View)…Next week I will be attending a workshop run by DoC on the use of audio for interpretation. While its nice to be invited along to explain my take on the use of simple affordable technologies for interpretation ‘experts’, it is (to me) far more powerful when the stories are generated and distributed by local children. Id like to connect with others with an interest in the use of mobile technology for story telling and plan to develop a cluster of rural schools for a pilot.

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