MobileMe – piercing the cloud


Virtualisation and cloud computing
is identified as one of CORE’s Ten Trends currently, and today’s article in the New York Times titled In Synch to Pierce the Cloud is another indication of how this trend is working out.

The article outlines Apple’s new MobileMe service which is an overhaul of a suite of Internet features that used to be called .Mac. It’s aim is to to keep the e-mail, calendars, address books and Web bookmarks on all of your computers — Macs, Windows PCs, iPhones and iPod Touches — synchronized in real time. You still have access to an iDisk: a virtual hard drive where you can park, back up or transfer files that are too big to send by e-mail, but some of the old .Mac features are gone, including E-greeting cards and discussion groups.

For more information you can download a guided tour.

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