Teaching Boolean Searching

boolify_logo.jpg I came across this wonderfully easy to use search tool today after reading Jane’s Blog. Boolify provides a simple, yet effective way of introducing students to the complexities of Boolean searching.

Librarians, teachers and parents have told us how hard it is for students to understand web searching. Boolify makes it easier to for students to understand their web search by illustrating the logic of their search, and by showing them how each change to their search instantly changes their results.

It’s simple, immediate and is easy and flexible to use with your class, no matter the subject matter.

Search results are presented through Google’s “Safe Search STRICT” technology, so we’re confident that the results your students receive are safe.

While checking our the Boolify Site I also came across this video clip that explains a little of what Boolean search is all about. Useful stuff.

One thought on “Teaching Boolean Searching

  1. I am a little confused as to why anyone sees a need to learn Boolean searching. I understand the term – and know quite a lot of it. But I have found that by using advanced search features like Google Advanced, you dont need to know any Boolean terms. And even better, you do pick them up as you use it, because you start to notice what boolean terms google uses. What do you see as the advantages to actually learning boolean terminology?

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