I’ve been looking for something like htm2pdf for ages! It’s a wonderfully easy to use web app that allows you to create a pdf document from an html page. All it takes is simply paste the URL of the page you want into a text box and push the “convert to pdf” button. Another way is to simply paste the actual html into a second text box and click ‘convert’.

I’ve played around with it by entering the URL of my blog page. The result was impressive. After waiting a few moments for the conversion to take place I was greeted with a clickable “download the pdf” link which allowed me to quickly download the PDF document to my desktop and open it.

Predictably it didn’t capture the elements on my blog that are generated elsewhere – eg the RockYou, YouTube and Quintura Search elements – but everything else came out fine. even the hypertext links are active in the pdf document that is generated, making it especially useful for working with pages from places like Wikipedia for instance – or any other reference or information page that you might want to look at offline.

I can see myself making good use of this tool.

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  1. Thanks for the tip Derek – it’s a great little tool. I was just preparing a post on blogging and casual learning and found your blog via Goggle. I’m not an educator (I’m an editor)so you’ve given me a great deal to absorb. I’ll definitely be back to look around properly. I suspect I have a great deal to learn myself!

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