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[youtube In the past I’ve blogged about various innovations in the area of search tools, including Quintura,, the semantic search engine which I’ve embedded in my blog. SearchMe is an exciting new player in the visual search engine world which uses a highly graphical interface to present search results – in a style that looks remarkably like how the album covers are portrayed in my iTunes library when I go hunting for an album to play.

The video introduction above explains how SearchMe shows search results as big pictures of the actual web pages. And it offers more than simply providing results for the search term you enter. Besides the initial inquiry in visual search, there is also a feature called category suggest, which helps you refine your search, and another called list view, which provides short summaries of the content of each page – a little like the conventional search engines you’re used to. The video below provides even more explanation of these features and how they work.

This is yet more evidence of how the graphics are going to feature more in the way we interact with our screens in the future. I’ve had a bit of a play around with this and think it’s pretty cool – i could get very used to this! And there’s more in the development pipeline according to the developers!


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