1800 – less than 3% of the world’s population lived in cities
1900 – 150 million people lived in the world’s cities
2000 – more than half of the people on earth live in cities
2050 – predicted to be more than two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities

Here’s a great project (and resource) that is sure to appeal to teachers and students working in the geography, economics or general ‘futures’ area. The Flash-based intro along makes for a useful resource, posing questions and presenting trends and statistics about the growth of cities around the world.

The mission of 19.20.21 is a multi-year, multimedia initiative to collect, organize and better understand population’s effect regarding urban and business planning and its impact on consumers around the world. This 5+ year initiative aims to deliver results via 5 channels; web (including mobile), television (broadcast and cable), print (magazines, books and atlases), exhibits and seminars (virtual and on-site).

The 19.20.21 project will provide a road-map for understanding the world ahead. The five year study will encompass all aspects of the phenomenon of supercities, and be a valuable, entertaining, comparative and statistical analysis of the world’s great cities of today and tomorrow.

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