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Here’s a little gem that I came across this morning in my RSS feeds….

Learn More” is a series of self-paced discovery entries for library staff interested in venturing out on the social web. Learn More has been developed by Steve Campion, the system trainer at a large public library system in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

Each post is meant as a short introduction to a different social website, tool, or concept. It might not be ground-breaking information to veteran readers of the blogosphere, but the writer hopes that each brief summary will act as a gentle nudge for newcomers to social networking.

The tutorials are very simple and written in a conversational style that make them accessible to most. I really enjoyed reading the “Meaning For Libraries” section in each tutorial, and wonder if the same thing could be done with classroom teachers in mind – at various levels of the school system.

2 thoughts on “Social Networking Tutorials

  1. I have been wanting to do this for all web-based tools and fav school software for a few years. Time has always prevented me from doing this. Now if interested parties were to get together and construct/contribute to a blog or wiki, it would be a great resource.
    When will you start one?

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