National Broadband Map


We all know that having a basic fibre infrastructure available throughout the country is essential to enabling everyone to have access to a high speed digital network. One of the issues facing the various groups around the country that are working to install fibre networks in towns and cities is knowing exactly where the potential users of this service are located. Knowing this is important as it helps with the planning of routes for where the fibre will be laid etc. – known as aggregating demand.

At the Digital Summit 2.0 we saw the launch of an on-line map as a first step towards providing a more comprehensive view of broadband demand, by geographically mapping state sector locations. In web 2.0, this map is looking to start an open interaction with users. The initial launch of the on-line map, based on local technology from ProjextX, is a Beta version delivering an initial level of information and functionality which can then be enhanced based on user feedback.

It’s great to play with – if you’re used to using Google Maps you’ll immediately know how it works. Simply navigate to the area of NZ you want to see by typing in the address (name of city/town/street etc) in the bar at the top, then zoom in to the level you want to view. Use the checkboxes on the right hand side to see location of schools, businesses, health services and government departments etc.

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