ULearn07 – day two

helen baxter.jpg Day two keynote presentation was provided by Helen Baxter, a digital age entrepreneur from Auckland. Helen’s address was presented entirely using a MindMeister online mind-mapping tool, and began with an overview of her own “learning journey”. From there her talk traversed a wide range of issues relating to what she refers to as Rennaisance2.0, looking at such things as Learning2.0 and Careers2.0, and considering how our education system needs to change in order to educate the “new Leonardos“.

Her Mindmeister brainstorm diagram, with links to the many sites and references she gave, can be found here. Or you can explore it as it is embedded below:

On a slightly different note – in response to what Helen shared with us, I managed to sneak in a brief screening of the hilarious performance by Tripod on Youtube, which, if you haven’t viewed yet, is embedded below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmZL0fmhTbA&w=425&h=350%5D

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