The promise of ICT

I spent the weekend preparing for my contribution to the upcoming K12Online conference which begins on 8 October. I’ve chosen to share some ideas about teacher-led transformational change and ICT – using examples of some of the things we’ve done int he New Zealand context to illustrate.

The video above is a “teaser” that I created to open up some questions that i believe we need to be contemplating – my full presentation in the conference will (hopefully) provide some indication of how we’ve gone about addressing these in the NZ context.

4 thoughts on “The promise of ICT

  1. It’s great that NZ will be represented in the K12 presentations.

    Everyone is working very hard to finish their presentations. We appreciate the time it takes to do contribute like this.

    Not long to wait now.

  2. Looks interesting Derek! Sorry we can’t join you! We’ll be thinking of you (virtually!) from Navcon2k7 ( in Sydney!


  3. Some great questions Derek. I’ve been thinking lately about how classroom pedagogy needs to change for the 21st century and what it will really look like in ‘real NZ’ not just ‘wouldn’t it be nice fairyland.’ So much I have found depends on the school, principal and their ideological stance on education. It’s harder in New Zealand with so much decision-making at the school level. But then it seems its hard effecting change in education across the globe.

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