Top 100 learning/working tools

Top_100_tools.jpg A great list from Jane Knight at the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. In July and August 2007 the Centre invited learning professionals to contribute their Top 10 Tools lists. The brief was simple: “What are your top 10 favourite tools for your own personal learning/working or for creating learning for others”. This list (pdf download) is the compilation of these responses.

No surprises that Firefox, and Skype take out the top three positions – followed by Google Search. It is interesting to see the extent to which the suite of Google products appears in the top half of this list. WordPress comes out as the favourite blogging tool, with Moodle the favourite Learning Management System. Also interesting to note the NZ developed product eXe appearing in the top 100!

Thanks to Jane and the team at CLPT for this list!

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  1. Thanks for this Derek, printed page 11 and 12 out. This resource has already saved me time as it has done the initial sifting and sorting of tools for me.

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