Show how are you using technology in the classroom!


How would you show off what you are doing with ICT in the classroom? Here’s an intriguing idea that I came across earlier this week when I read an invitation from Interwrite Learning, in conjunction with TeacherTube, to enter a video competition to creatively show how you are using (or would like to use) technology in the classroom. It’s open to residents of the US, New Zealand and Australia – the only caveat on each entry is that it must include reference to the sponsor of the competition (see guidelines).

While I’m not considering entering, my interest in this site will be in viewing the entries that are made. Seems to me that the prizes being offered are substantial enough to attract the attention of many teachers, so I’m expecting to see a number of entries submitted. Although the guidelines stipulate the video must be a song parody , the criteria focuses attention on how technology (ICT) is used in the classroom, so it will be interesting to see how this is interpreted.

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