Don’t text kids out of school, teachers told

A fascinating article in the Manchester Evening News caught my eye – titled Don’t text kids out of school, teachers told. Seems that some teachers who have been making use of emerging technologies such as cell phones and some social networking software to communicate with their students out of school hours are facing complaints from parents and some even facing court action! Now, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) is warning that sending cyber messages is leaving teachers exposed to malicious accusations against them.

While there’s a cautionary tale here about the need for discretion about who and where teachers choose to share personal details, and what sorts of messages and comments they may make, I’d certainly hope that a few isolated incidents won’t quench the exploration of how these tools can be used to bridge the gap between home and school, and contribute positively to supporting students learning when and where they want to.

One thought on “Don’t text kids out of school, teachers told

  1. What completeLY nonsensical advice. So teachers should either NOT communicate at all with pupils or only do so in ways that can’t be recorded? Surely having the record makes it LESS likely that there would be any litigation?

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