Video Games in Education

Here’s a cool video clip that I came across on Google Video today. The topic is video games in education – it’s 23 minutes long, and is produced by the Orange County District Office of Education in the US. It provides a pretty good overview for educators who haven’t been exposed to thinking about the use of video games in education, or for those who want to understand more about the potential for learning of these games. There are some useful comments in the video by acknowledged experts in the field, including Dr James Gee and Dr Henry Jenkins, Clarke Aldridge & others.

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  1. Eddie
    the embedded Google videos work differently to the YouTube ones – try clicking the ‘play’ arrow at the bottom instead of simply clicking on the graphic. If that fails, click on the “Google Video” logo at the bottom right and it will take you to the video on the Google site which you should be able to play OK

  2. Video Games in Education by the Orange County Dept of Ed. is a professional video produced by educators on the tremendous potential of video games in education. Interviews with Henry Jenkins of MIT, James Gee from the U of Wisconsin, and Dave Kosak of GAMESPY refer to the problem solving skills involved in a game as being educational in itself and naturally engaging to students. I thought this video was very informative and recommend it to my teacher colleages and administrators.

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