Creating a wireless State


Sill in Ipoh, the capital of Perak State in Malaysia, working on setting up the KPEC cluster project with five schools here. Yesterday I had a good chat with a chap from a company called Red Snapper who are responsible for the installation of the network that is creating a totally wireless network across the State. Like the KPEC project, the Wireless Perak project is an initiative of the K-Perak group that has recently been signed into existence, and who will be responsible for establishing the next “cyber city” here in Ipoh.

The picture above shows me outside one of the coffee shops in the centre of Ipoh where you can literally open your laptop and surf the net for free. In our week here so far we’ve been able to do this in most places we’ve stopped, including some of the roadside rest areas along the main north-south highway that runs the length of the country. The aim is to have a fully wireless network across the whole state by 2008!

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  1. Derek what a life you lead! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have internet access when and where you wanted it! When will this come to NZ (if ever???)
    Enjoy the warmth in Malaysia

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