DoIt – keeping track of tasks


I subscribe to a couple of feeds that send me news of free software for my Mac – and every now and again I find one that is really useful. DoIt is one of those – a small, inconspicuous application to manage categorized to do lists. It really has a minimal, self updating, unobtrusive interface to minimize interference with your work and save screen real estate.


With so many tasks and projects on the go at one time, often with separate files stored in different folders on my hard drive, I’ve often found just keeping track of things a problem. Like many, I keep a list of these things in my diary which helps – but the beauty of DoIt is that each to do item can be linked with a file on my computer, a URL, such as the address of a website, or a contact from my address book. The linked item can be opened directly from the Do It window.

The other thing I like about it is that ToDo items can also include notes, priorities and deadlines, which can be set as reminders in iCal. Do It can import iCal to do lists, and export lists from to do to import into iCal. You can set your to do deadlines as events in iCal with a single click. You can sync your Do It lists on multiple computers using .Mac

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