Visitor from Across the Ditch!


We had a visit today at CORE from Jason Young from Sydney who has been holidaying in NZ over the past few weeks. Jason works with the Head Office for Catholic education in Sydney as a Schools??? Consultant (primary and secondary) in the area of Information, Communication and Learning Technologies (ICLT).

While he was with us, Jason met three of the CORE directors (pictured above) and also had the opportunity to meet with the 2007 e-fellows who have been working with CORE staff over the past week. Together we dreamed dreams of some sort of trans-Tasman exchange of e-Fellows, contemplating on the value this might bring to each of our countries through the exchange of ideas and experiences… who knows???

2 thoughts on “Visitor from Across the Ditch!

  1. An exciting programme conducted by CORE with exceptional support from schools and the NZ MoE. It is evident that the work of Vince, Nick, Derek and their team continues to highlight New Zealand’s exceptional research and practical application of learning technologies across Early Childhood, School and Higher Education sectors. Thanks for the engaging conversation and exchange of ideas!

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